Xiangqi Enterprise System Solution

Based on the rich industry resources and a wide range of application cases, we can provide you variety engineering service. Customers just provide product drawings and capacity requirements, etc., then we analysis for you with complete capacity planning, project, machine selection, mold design and manufacturing, mold testing and process debugging commitment, after the project transfer, customers can operate for mass production.

Equipment Scheme
The open structure design of equipment is the key to all Xiangqi machines. The concept of modularization allows Xiangqi machines, including their peripherals and new facilities, to be constantly updated and upgraded. We defend the core technological advantages to ensure future needs.
The Spread Of Customer Service And Proprietary Technology
The customer care center from Xiangqi supports the installation and debugging of all the client equipment systems. The training center also provides targeted courses, training, and network learning to ensure that help customers and solve problems in time.
Consulting And Project Engineering
Every solution from Xiangqi company is based on a comprehensive understanding of the project and in-depth discussions with customers. Each independent project will be equipped with professional engineers, from the project plan, implementation, to the final project acceptance, installation, engineers will support the whole process.
R&D And Application
In Xiangqi technology R&D Center,we have so many Invention patent and utility model patent.advanced technology and manufacturing methods will be applied to the design and production process, and these innovative technologies and methods are based on the thorough understanding of the rubber forming, This will help our customers be in the lead forever.
Guarantee Of Efficient Production
Xiangqi machine, simple operation, high automation, with high stability and longer lifespan, to bring maximum flexibility and higher productivity for you. The specially designed die closing unit and full hydraulic die locking system provide the most reliable guarantee for your product quality. It adheres to the consistent style of simple maintenance and stable performance. In addition, customize various types of automation auxiliary tools, so that the product has a stronger competitiveness.

XP-AE Automatic Rubber Vulcanization System

Integrated with advanced automation equipment, such as cold feed extrusion system, temperature control system, rubber cutting system, industrial control system, vulcanization system, mold extraction system, etc. Realize the full-automatic and unmanned production.

About Us

Zhejiang Xiangqi Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of rubber automation equipment with global market as its goal. China-EU cooperation team has jointly developed, designed and localized production. It has applied a large number of advanced European synchronous machine technology and first-class imported spare parts, positioned high-end, and pursued excellence. Xiangqi equipment integrates oil pressure, machinery, electronics, software, automation industry control, mold, rubber and other related professional fields, devotes itself to rubber products automation production solutions, in order to pioneer and innovate the spirit of industrial 4.0, to be the pioneer of the times in the industry.
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